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Our intention is to ensure that EVERY STUDENT is admitted into the college they deserve. The way we do it helps to shape a child’s future, especially with the individual attention we offer them.

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Going by what the colloquial definition of pressure is, it is attempting to persuade or coercing someone to do something.

- Mrinal Mitra

Parental pressure is something that almost chokes a student into performing good in their examinations.

- Mr. Bishnu Ghosh

The parents should be supportive at whatever their children want to pursue and not ask them to fulfil other’s dreams.

- Mr. Shah

Each has a particular subject or topic that they are good in performing.

- Mr. Roy

A statistic report shows that most of these students do not fair good in their examinations.

- Mrs. Chowdhury

The constant support of the parents would ensure that the students have a boosted confidence level when they are studying.

- Mrs. Bhattacharya

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Why Us

We work with a mission of fostering prolific enrichment and development in the learning and thriving process of the students. We help the students build the stepping-stone into their future career, strong enough so that they can nurture the unexplored possibilities of tomorrow to the full extent. The bunch of proactive and approachable professionals who represent Career Toppers believe in creating a bond with the students, listening to them intently, and dedicating their time to assure students’ needs are met.

Proactive & Friendly People

We Listen

We believe in the power of listening.
Words can be the best bridge between two individuals. So, we are all ears for all you have to say, so that we can provide you with the right solution at the right time.

We Guide

The mother of every great creation is problems.
So, turn your problems into your greatest strength.
We are there to assist you in all your career-related dilemmas and come up with the best possible solution in order to skyrocket you towards success.

We Talk Sense

Our dedicated team of information analysts make sure that what we commune is accurate and pertinent to the best of our knowledge. The most relevant and updated information available online and offline is used to help our students make their decision with ease.

We Stay

The world is not small and in order to grab the opportunities strewn everywhere, you have to be on your toes. In order to provide you all with the right information at the right time, our diligent web research analysts update our information pool at regular intervals.

Persistent & Responsible

We have a team of hard workers who relentlessly work on your needs to give you a fruitful solution despite all the struggles and obstacles. We take this responsibility on our shoulder and offer you the most logical and relevant information to solve your problems.

We Make It Uncomplicated

Complication is one thing we work to wipe off completely. We like things straight and simple; we attempt to understand the needs of our students in a sincere manner. Hence, our team works on untangling the knots in the circuit of your career.

Examination Tips

  • study a week in advance.
  • procrastinate.
  • sleep the night before.
  • be intimidated by distractions.
  • come prepared to class.
  • try a new study tactic for a difficult test.
  • go over your weaknesses
  • believe that each of these dos and don’ts on the list has power on its own.


Like every other individual, we, too feel happy & proud to be praised. We get elated when our students say a word or two good about us.


Mohammad Hasnuzzaman, Mominpur

St. Thomas Boys, 79%, 59179, Heritage/Mechanical, 2015.

“Thank you in tons to all of you for your incomparable assistance. Best wishes to Career Toppers.”

Anismita Paul, B.T.Road

Baranagar Mohan Girls High School, 52.16%, 87534, JIS Narula/CSE, 2015.

“Your lovely steer helped us go for and further. Thanks for a very smooth admission experience. Regards to Career Toppers.”

Sayan Bandyopadhyay, Shibpur

Birla High School for Boys, 86.5%, KPC Medical College, 2015.

“We are glad to make you a significant part of us. Heartfelt wishes from our truest self.”

Abu Hasnain Jeelani, Linton Street

Saifee Hall School, 86%, 30154, Heritage/ECE, 2015.

“Thanks a lot Sir for guiding me and fulfilling the desired institution in which I wanted to be a part. Career Toppers gave me an overall wonderful experience and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Alokesh Das, Bansdroni Park

The Assembly of God Church School, Tollygunge, 76%, 41284, Heritage/ECE, 2015.

“Very Satisfying, could not ask for better.”

Sayak Ghosh, Jatin Das Road

St Augustine’s Day School, 68%, 28776, Heritage/AEIE, 2015.

“Meeting Saurrish Sir was one of a kind experience! You are really wonderful. Thank You Sir.”

Jay Sarkar, Durganagar

Dinhata Soni Debi Jain High School, 76%, 72520, Future/Mechanical, 2015.

“Admission was smoothly executed, Can’t Thank u enuff.”

Aviroop Barat, Shakuntala Satellite Township

Panisheola Indira Smriti Vidyapeeth, 71.25%, 85410, Heritage/AEIE, 2015.

“We got to understand a while is worth the wait. Thank you loads.”

Chandraniv Saha, Dhakuria

Sudhir Memorial Institute, 58.67%, 67100, Netaji (Techno)/EE, 2015.

“I had a very good experience working with Career Toppers. My Admission went well and within my budget.”

Chiranjib Sengupta, Behala

Panisheola Indira Smriti Vidyapeeth, 71.75%, 47226, Heritage/EE, 2015.

“We are glad to connect with you. Wishing you a great going.”

Prince Roy, Sudder Street

National High School, 57%, 72525, Netaji (Techno)/Civil, 2015.

“I got a new change to do better in my life due to Career Toppers. Thank you for your help. Doing good work, keep it up.”

Atanu Banerjee, Kharagpur

DAV Model School, IIT Kharagpur, 82.4%, 23067, Heritage/ECE, 2015.

“The cost effective way of confirming your seat in a college. Kudos to Career Toppers.”

Avijit Sadhukhan, Sudha Sindhu Bannerjee Road

Narayana Junior College, 95%, 5083, Heritage/AEIE, 2015.

“Thank you for the brilliance in the cooperation you showed. Admission in Heritage is just like my dream coming true.  Career Toppers Team.”

Mohini Sarkar, Baguiati

St. Stephen’s School, 88.5%, 55885, Heritage/ECE, 2015.

“Your optimism and genuine service would be far reaching. Long way to go!!! Sir, Thank You.”

Amartya Chatterjee , Prince Anwar Shah Road

South Point High School, 75.4%, 43461, Netaji (Techno)/Food Technology, 2015.

“Awesome Experience! Smooth and timely admission. Cheers !!!”

Ketan Petal, Pramathesh Barua Sarani

The Bhawanipur Gujarat Education Society School, 76%, 55138, Heritage/CSE, 2015.

“Career Toppers showed us the right path in helping our son secure his admission. It was a totally hassle-free and cost-effective experience. Job well done.”

Karan R. Shah, Chakraberia Road

The BGES School, 87.5%, 41734, Heritage/CSE, 2015.

“Efforts made by Mr. Ghosh towards our son’s admission are really praise worthy. We were well informed about the various procedures very properly. Thank you & Good Luck.”

Soumik Mitra, Jessore Road

Sudhir Memorial Institute, 64%, 78505, IEM/ECE, 2015.

“Wonderful are you and so are your work and efforts. Keep up your noble work.”

Tanushree Das, Picnic Garden

80%, 28260, Techno (Rajarhat)/Civil, 2015.

“A great move by you! Keep up our Spirits!!!! Thank You Sir.”

Priya Chakroborty, Santoshpur

Budge Budge P.K. High School, 78.8%, 97847, I Care Dental College, 2015.

“Immensely pleased by your effort Sir. my Admission was a desire turning to reality.”

Seuli Brahmachary, Bankura

Mary Immaculate School, 83.5%, 2973, KIDS (KIIT), 2015.

“Your contribution and devotion is worth recognition. Cheers to Career Toppers Team.”

Urbi Gosh, Madhyamgram

Springdales Children School, 89.8%, 3233, Kalyani Medical College, 2015.

“What a splendid job you have done for Urbi. We are very much thankful and will remain grateful to you. You have proved your position and intelligence and shown synchronisation of your speech and deeds, Please keep it up. Thank you!!!”

Devyani Choudhary, Darjeeling

Delhi Public School, Siliguri, 87.2%, 2820, North Bengal Medical College, 2015.

“I want to say that the service you have given is incredible. Sir, you have been the saviour for us. We shall remain ever grateful to you for this act.”

Priya Tiwari, Howrah

Shree Jain Vidyalaya, 73%, 3485, Malda Medical College, 2015.

“Words having no expression. Thank you so much and more for not letting my expectations down.”

Indranil Banerjee, Asansol

Burnpur Riverside School, Burnpur 89%, 1869, Calcutta Medical College, 2015.

“Simply put, you have saved my son’s Career. Getting admitted to Calcutta Medical College is more than a dream coming true. Thank You so very much.”

Saibal Koley, Howrah

75%, 89946, Heritage/IT, 2014.

“I never thought I will get Heritage with my rank. Career Toppers made it possible. Thank you so much.”


We’ve completed more than a century of Admissions in the last four years.







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