The need or importance of counselling in choosing the right career option

"I am what I wanted and I want what I am” —Meister Eckhart -Done with 10th. What next?
-Science or commerce?
-Medicals or Engineering?

Our career is the first thing that we have to keep in our minds when we are done with our 10th board examinations. The career is also one of the things that seem very confusing in life at first but when thought out and planned properly, is the reason why our life is made. It is seen that there are many moments in life when we get carried away by the pressure given by our parents when it comes to choosing the right career option. But have we ever asked ourselves what the right career is? Is it when our guardian says that we have to choose science after 10th or is it when our parents at times have high hopes that we would become a doctor in our lives. Or even an engineer for that matter.

What is more important when it comes to choosing the correct option for the career is to know where our strength lies. We should always be very careful when it comes to choosing what stream do we want to pursue and what subjects should we take up after our board examinations. Now, how do we do that? If asked, then the only answer that comes in mind is counselling.

There are many people who take counselling only to be so for the people who are mentally challenged but it should be clear that it is not so. Counselling is the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems. This basically means that counselling has it in itself where we get to know what needs to be done and to search for what we actually are within.

Counselling is done by counsellors and who are counsellors? Counsellors are professional people who are especially trained to give guidance on personal and professional problems. They talk us out of our problems and they try to get us out of our shells.

As people, we know that there are a lot of options that are there and as students we also know that we might be good in a few things while bad in the other things. Not every student is capable to do anything and everything in life. This is precisely why counselling is important in every student’s life.

To think of it, not only students. It is very important when it comes to every parent too. For every parent needs to know where the potential of their child lies. They have to understand that for very student to excel in their lives they should go forward with where their calibre lies instead of forcing their own inhibitions and wants on their children.

Counselling does a great job in going deep inside the minds of every parent or student to understand what they want and communicate what they want to each other in a better way. This communication gap that every parent and their children have has to be decreased so that they do not get pressurised in any kind. There might be students who are good in physics but who are forced to take those options by way of which the grades of the students fall big time while there might be students who are good in biology but who are forced to take up engineering.

Correct guidance or counselling makes up for the worse as that would be able to diagnose the problem. This would also ensure that every student gets their correct stream and choice of study and they are satisfied with what they are confident in doing. This way, even the parents would know what their wards are comfortable in. Counselling is a thing which is very important for every student and parent before they take up their streams and subjects in Class 11 and also after passing out of their school. The choice of the correct career option would make sure that the student excels in life whenever they go out of school.

The counselling that are given to the parents and their children should be in-depth and through the counselling sessions, the counsellor makes them talk about what they have in mind. For every student, it is very important to know where their potential lies and where they would do better. Counselling isn't just about the students who derail in their lives due to pressure from their guardians but it is also about the students who do not know what they are good at. They just look at their mark sheets and finally choose whatever they want to study. This way of choosing the career option is not feasible and also not something that should be counted. Every student deserves to know what they are good in doing and which subject would take them to the top. Also just because you're good at something it doesn't mean that it’s your calling, also keep your mind open to new experiences because at the end of the day that’s what college has to offer.

Students are more often than not confused on what to take up in their lives, Some students are there who, for example, like both biology and maths and thus end up being confused as to which stream they should take up in their future and end up falling for the wrong option many times.

There are student who refer to the internet to see what they are good in doing by taking up the various tests and applications that the internet has to offer. That way of working is completely wrong and to really understand what a person is good at doing, it is always beneficial for them to visit a counsellor and talk to them face to face.

Nothing can be better than talking to someone face to face about any kind of issue that anyone is facing. This helps in both the parties to understand the issues better. The counsellor is also trained at seeing the eyes of the student and understanding the issue or understanding their heart better. Face to face interaction beats every other form of communication.

So, if you are a student who is confused between which stream to choose or a parent who wants to know more about their child’s future, you need to visit a counsellor as soon as possible for an in-depth counselling session so that you get to know what needs to be done. To be honest it’s not a big deal and its okay to ask, this is going be the new you, a new chapter some might even argue it’s a new book altogether and you're the writer so go ahead and talk to someone who can help, cause honestly a little uncertainty is okay actually it’s good, makes you a human in a world of command obeying robots.