Real education cannot be acquired only by reading books

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”- Albert Einstein

An enlightening experience, education cannot be defined in a more apt way. Our first brush with education runs from the time when we get admitted into school during our kindergarten days. We have also known that education is something that never stops. We keep learning something or the other from somebody or the other time and again. We learn and we also teach. Is it so that we are called educated when we have read only a few books?

No, right? The real meaning of education is when we learn a lot more things above education. These things include manners, logic and reasoning, political awareness, managing relationships, self awareness to name a few.

Books are only a limited source of resource that we get to learn about things. The education that we get from books are very important but it is not comprehensive or complete, for that matter. To get real education one must look into other aspects of life apart from the education that we receive from schools and teachers.

Our surroundings play a very important role in our lives and it is one of the biggest influences when it comes to our education. The first thing that is needed by every student as the first step of real education or Character education has to be MORAL EDUCATION.

Moral Education is usually divided into almost all courses or extra curricular activities through the education system. Basically teaching the correctness of character and behaviour of an individual, moral lessons are very important for the overall development. Through this, every individual gets to learn how to lead a virtuous, moral life along with being correct in their behaviour.

The second important thing which every individual should learn in order to instil real education in them is POLITICAL AWARENESS. If you would dig deeper into the topic then you would find out that political awareness is not really what it reads. It has its key concept structured around Emotional Intelligence.

Being politically aware would only entail every individual to be aware about at least basic public policy and government also, about politicians. By being aware politically, every individual gets to explore the whole idea of voting and how the votes are represented. The addition of this in the curriculum or rather the way of education makes sure that every individual knows the basics of politics such as why rules, why vote, how are laws made and how can a person be involved in the whole process.

The third thing that has to be kept in mind while talking about real education has to be MANNERISMS. Manners is a very trivial part of every person’s being. Without manners, a person is nothing. Good manners is the one particular thing that gives any person the confidence to face anything in life and not feel uncomfortable about it. If an individual is armed with good manners then the person can deal with any situation that is there at hand.

Manners are defined to be social behaviours which help us initiate and strengthen relationships. Not only at school, this is one category that should be taught in homes too. This is also another category that usually adds itself to another category which is very important when you want to talk about real education. The second category being talked about here is DEALING WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE.

Our lives are such that on a daily basis we get to meet different kinds of people. All these people include people who help us, are with us and usually go unnoticed. Real education is such that we should know how do we interact with people. This education is much more than what books teach us. We need to know how to behave. Imagine one well educated person talking to someone rudely. That would look bad and this shouldn’t be the case. That is precisely why we should learn manners, ethics, moral education and political awareness and attain real education apart from bookish education.