Practice Test plays a key role in Board Examinations

-The world is a rude place! We should grow up and be an adult soon.
-Only then we wouldn’t have to give any examinations.
-Exams are the worst thing that could happen to any student.
-The syllabus is so huge that we won’t be able to finish it?

Growing up has been scarred (exaggeration is not bad all the time) as these questions haunt the better of us. The inexplicable examination phobia engulfs those who had to bear with you-are-the-biggest-disappointment-of-my-life face every time their parent received their mark sheets! The phobia slowly gets into their head, bugging them helplessly. Just before the first biggest examination of our lives, we end up with a pile of books in front of us, unable to recall even a bit of what we have read so far. We feel like a fish out of water, the cold parental advice- ‘You better do good’- ringing in our ear!

Imagine that the board examinations are at hand and your books seem complete hieroglyphic. Nightmares, you see, are the constant companions! Mind vacant, mood pensive- you wonder what if the Government puts a ban on the exams next morning! Ever had a hunch why it happens? Won’t you agree with me when I say examinations are the villains of every student’s lives? What if I say that I have unlocked a way where we can get exam phobia out of our system?

“Practice makes one perfect” - a very famous quote by anonymous which we have grown up with, is our speck of light here. We all study through the year but examinations are not just about that. Are they? Examination (our villain) has majorly 3 henchmen along with it, spreading terror within students. You know who they are!!!

Time crunch.
and none other than, the Syllabus.

The worst part being, they all seem impossible to beat. You know what the best part is? The understatement that divides impossible into two words- I’m Possible.

So, why don’t we pick up our fighting gear (in this case, pen and paper) and beat the henchmen out of their wits? Buckle up for the THE-DAY- practice tests have been the saviours for students since its inception.

Now, when you have practice question papers by your side, all you have to do is keep practicing.

Plan a triumphant duel strategy- months before the examinations you start solving these practice tests and Whoa! You land with honour.

The clock is your true ally- keep it by your side while its constant ticking leads you to a smooth and timely wrap. Perfection would be your aide by the time you have completed all the tests.