“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” - Bobby Unser

Success is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. The journey is one that has a lot of elements. The path that is trodden to reach a successful place in life is very strenuous. The choices that we make, the steps that we take are to be measured multiple times in order to succeed in life.

Have we ever looked through the time when we have done something in life and that was not instantaneous?

Have we ever sat back and planned our daily activities, rather than just going with the flow?

- Wouldn’t the answer be no?

For a change, can we think about the last time we actually sat down and contemplated about what we are going to do next?

Now, let us compare between the two outcomes. The outcome of the time when we did something instantaneously and that of when we did something planned. Isn’t the payoff of the latter more satisfying? Is it not true that in the latter we have emerged more successful?

Our career is the first thing that falls on the aforesaid situations. There are moments in life when we take certain decisions and those decisions aren’t the best that we could've taken at those times. That is precisely why we need to stop whatever we are doing right now and think about our careers.

Thinking about what we are going to do next not only gives us clarity in life but it also helps us build our base and erases all the probability of regrets in the future. Being analytical, we also make sure that we go a step ahead in being satisfied and successful in life.

So, stop what you’re doing, think about what’s next, take a deep breath and prioritise your career. In a money oriented world, look for a career which is satisfying. Success comes as a package deal.

These are a few pointers to keep in mind before kickstarting your professional career.

Love the job you do- Not loving the job you do holds you back from giving it your best shot. Loving your job makes you feel better about your workspace and makes you send out positive vibes. the love for your job makes everyday a bright sun shiny day instead of giving you the usual blues all week.

2. Being productive at your workspace- this is probably the most important factor in one’s career. having a job and being idle seems like an oxymoron. So, being productive at your work space should be your top priority the minute you step into your professional life.

3. Doing justice to your work- Contributing to the company as a whole is a given, in turn having a positive attitude towards everything around you. You should do justice to the work assigned to you.

4. Ending and starting your day with a smile, going to bed knowing you’ve done something productive.

5. Do not look at your job like a task, but more like an activity .