Importance of writing in getting good grades

Do you remember back in our preliminary school days we were assessed by our teachers on our handwriting? Our class tests or Monday tests, as some people prefer terming it, taken on a total of 20 marks were analysed on a total of 18 marks while 2 marks were always kept for good handwriting. Ever thought about why so?

It was our teachers who, from then, were tutoring us for our board examinations. In our board examinations if there is one thing that we have to keep in mind, no matter what, then it has to be our timing. We have to make sure that we write as much as we can in order to complete our paper on time during our board examinations.

Writing speed increases when we are confident with what we are writing. Confidence comes from the time we know what we are writing. For acquiring that much of confidence, we need to practice. Practice, in turn helps us keep up with the timing. Handwriting might be a lost art, but educators should make sure it lives on in the classroom. Writing by hand can also lend itself to verbatim note-taking too, It’s better to plan regular study sessions in advance—not just when you’re going to study, but what you’re going to study. Committing to focus on a specific issue gets you mentally prepared to pay attention to what’s most relevant about that topic, and that topic only.

Confused? I was too. Especially when it was for the first time I found out about this circle. So let me clear it out for you. First, you write.
Second, you write.
Third, you WRITE.
That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. Study for your test and then keep writing. It is seen in a research that the more you write, the more you can retain in your mind. In order to remember everything that you’re studying and to put it down fruitfully in your examination answer sheet, you need to write down everything you remember on paper. Just writing will not just help. You need to keep a track of the time that you are taking to write down and finish a particular test that you’re taking for yourself. Also, after checking out the time that you are taking for completing a particular exam, you need to assess the exam that you are taking. You need to have complete efficiency when you are writing an exam. You cannot just write anything and let it get to you.