Extra curricular activity plays a vital role in the theory of complete education

Extra curricular activities are those activities that are not included in the curriculum of the educational facility that is usually carried out by the students. The extra curricular activities are responsible for enriching the students with the development of their talents and their skills. There are many types of extra curricular activities such as- sports, musical activities, debate, art, drama, story writing competition, essay writing competition, celebration of any kind of festival etc.

These activities are meant for enhancing the potential of every student so that they do not get burdened under the stress of studies all the while. Education is not deemed to be complete till the time a student is taking part in any kind of extra curricular activity. Taking part in any kind of extra curricular activity also motivates the student in every other way.

Activities that are indirectly related to the curriculum but are not subjected to the curriculum of the year helps in polishing every student. Events help every student organise and show an activity and how to do it more efficiently. Extra curricular activities encourages every pupil to socialise and learn more about human resource. This way, when they go to the practical world, they would not have any kind of problem to talk to people.

Decision making is something that every student might struggle with. Such activities make sure that one is fruitful in their decision making process. the sense of belongingness develops and it also helps in learning. Through certain activities, one also gets their way out and churns out their inner strength through physical, psychological, ethical, academic, cultural, civic, social and disciplinary measures.

Along with the educational structure, extra curricular activities also strengthen the self confidence along with improving their academic performance. These set of proceedings in school makes every student concentrate better on their studies in turn, bettering their grades. The students also increases their sense of responsibilities if they are exposed to new activities.

Not only these, if there are events and liveliness happening outside the syllabus then it increases the student teacher interaction and it helps in strengthening their bonds. The stronger one bonds with their teacher, the easier it is for the students to put forth their queries in front of them. Education through books and the syllabus can be backed up by the different extra curricular activities that are there in the school, with the help of which every student receives complete education.

If added activities are done in school apart from the curriculum then every sophomore also learns how to step up to commitments and fulfil them. The sense of belongingness should inculcate in a student’s mind from a very nascent stage. Their contribution in class also grows and that makes every student sharper in their studies. Thus, extra curricular activities help shape up a person in their careers and is also a very important part in every student’s life. Even now, extra curricular activities are not compulsory in every school but it is surely a very important part of every pupil’s education. Every school should incorporate extra curricular activities to enhance the credibility of every student and for giving them a polished off education.