Can any pattern of examination system determine the true potential of a student?

“Examinations are coming!” - this statement actually makes every student jerk up from the seats that they have been comfortably sitting on and studying. Would we be wrong if we say that some students really force themselves to study so that they score well in their examinations?

Intelligence by popular genetic studies has been requited to both nature and nurture. One could probably be intelligent by birth or a time tested trial could be the stirrer for intelligence as seen on papers. It is surprising to see the fact that people still judge “brilliant” students based on their examination scores, rather than their inward potentials.

But there are a lot of loopholes in the whole examination system. By loopholes it is meant that there a lot of points that makes for the fact that the students can be good or bad in their studies but the results of an examination should not be the basis of judgement. External points make for a huge factor in the grades that a student acquires.

Aren’t examinations in today’s time nothing more than mugging up a certain portion of a subject rather than really understanding it? A myth, it can be said that examinations are the assessment of a potential. Because, examinations tests majorly the memory of every student. Studies teach what the person is supposed to face in the world once they have passed out of school. Mugging up or blindly remembering everything word by word doesn't help in the main idea of studies. Examinations are more about the comparison between two students rather than student’s overall development. A good grade sheet would surely bring in the best job to the

There are two types of students- those who get good grades in the examination by remembering their syllabus line by line and those who understand what they are learning. The latter type is the surprise package. Are good grades really the holy grail of education? Of course Not! The students who fall in the latter category have the guts to surprise everyone. Sometimes they are more intelligent than the class toppers. The only reason they don’t perform well in school facilities and examination is that they have their own vision and don’t want to be defined by the books they cram. Their intelligence is unraveled in practical situations. That’s why in real life most of them are far more successful.

When we get into the real world, we do not really go by the things that we have memorised throughout the tenure of our school. We have to implement what we have studied by far and that is the true potential of a student. In a day to day scenario, a person has to face a lot of situations that they have to handle with a lot of sensuality and examination grades would not help them deal with such situations. Students who have actually acquired the knowledge would be able to face those situations more clearly and cleverly rather than those who have acquired good grades in the examinations without even understanding the whole subject clearly.

High achieving students who get good grades surely turn out to be solid citizens who become accountants, doctors, engineers and lawyers but they tend to be single minded. On the other hand success in business, public service, research and beyond often requires creative thinkers driven by curiosity and courage to take risks and be open minded. These attributes are opposite to those necessary to succeed in any kind of an educational institute. In place of simple compliance, students who want to understand a subject better always questions the rules and challenges the teacher.

They are usually not interested in delivering what the teacher wants and may appear bored, indifferent or defiant. They can be stubborn, impulsive and rebellious. Their grades might not be that good at times because of their inability or is it unwillingness to memorise? They are determined, more often than not displaying single-minded obsession, where perseverance and resiliency that leads to success. They are able to see things most of us can’t. These traits equip them for success in real life but poor grades in school.

Cheating is something that every student can do if they are pressurised into getting good grades by their parents but somehow their IQ is good enough to do so. In turn the consequences say that they end up losing both the sides. They do get good grades but neither do they memorise nor do they learn what they are taught. Individual assessment is more needed for every student apart from a totality of the examination grades. Competition in between students is good but in the long run, it might affect the student.

This is why it is said that only examinations cannot determine the true potential of any student. It is needed for every student to realize their true potential in order to succeed in life.