Brand My Teachers

As I sit back with a mug of coffee and beat the blues of early morning, I go back to my school days and nostalgia hits me. Let’s start with a question. After our parents, who has been the second most notable person in our lives? Our teachers?

Is this true? If it really is, have we done enough for them? Have we ever acknowledged their contributions?

Take a moment out of your busy schedule and think did you ever ponder over their importance in your lives? Wouldn’t it be very safe to say that the teachers also have been one of the most “taken for granted” people for us?

When we were in school, we hated being there (I can say that so confidently because I was one such person who used to take school to be the villain in my life) for varied reasons. And now, when I look back to my school days all that I can remember are my friends and my teachers. Going back to my realisation, I perceived that the teachers played a very important role all through my childhood. In the 24 hours that we have in each day, half of it were spent with teachers while the other half was spent at home.

Now that we are talking about it, let me tell you a moment which I remember very vividly from my school days. As I already mentioned, school used to be one of my dreaded places. So, one fine day I was crying because I didn't want to go to school. I was a kid back then. My mother, however, pulled me to school and was leaving but I refused to go inside and even take my tiffin box. It was then, my class teacher saw me and pecked me on my cheek after wiping my tears off. She took my hand and her loving touch instantaneously made me forget my fear. As she guided me inside, my mother handed her my tiffin box and all through the day she made me sit beside her. Also, fed me lunch by her own hands. That incident, goes without saying, made her my favourite teacher and for the 12 years of my school life and even today, I idolise her. I remember crying like a baby in class 6 when she left the school for another school. I refused to go to school. When I go back to that day, I owe my whole life to her.

I am confident that similar to mine, maximum of you have such stories that you either tend to forget or keep at the back of your mind. Don’t you think that it deserves a second thought? The teachers, deserve a recognition? What if I tell you that there is a way you can do that and even win some prizes for yourself. Wouldn’t you be happy if you are able to give back your teachers, what they gave you all these years? Selflessly?

Brand My Teachers is a way, with the help of which you can give recognition to the teachers who shaped you up to the person that you are today. We all know that classes IX, X, XI are the three years which are the most important years of a person’s career. That is also the time when a teacher gives all that he/she can to mould us for the better.

“It’s time to give back” - the tagline for the contest gives in what is exactly the motto. Through this contest you get to reward your teachers. All you have to do is nominate a minimum of 3 teachers (along with their contact details) who have changed your life in these classes and in turn we honour them with accreditation.

Not only that, you get awards too. Whoever gives in the maximum of entires procures a lifestyle gift voucher. The first runner up gets a Starmark gift voucher and the second runner up receives INOX movie tickets for two.

So, what are you waiting for? This one chance of giving back your teachers a bit of all their efforts will end by 3rd March 2017.